Alex Macgregor


Alex is in demand presenting style & work wear workshops for shopping centres and brands including Birdsnest, Jeans West, Frankie 4 Footwear. 


Alex has built her teacher style community into a successful business. She is a key style influencer and blogger with over 

47k Instagram followers, 11k Facebook and over 30k site visits a month.  

Alex the originator of teacher- style is seen as a leader in millennial Corporate Style training by universities and government bodies. 

Sally Steele

A believer that "Style is an inside job" Sally is often asked to speak about self love, Style and Conscious Consumption, helping consumers to Curate a wardrobe.   


An optimist and keen supporter of Conscious Consumption - Sally's 18k IG followers enjoy the mix of life-affirming advice, DIY trend hacks and discovering new brands and local designers. 

A working mama  in her late forties with two kids, Sally is only too aware of the everyday reality of "Life Jenga" and helps women add some fun and flair to their everyday. 

Cate Massi

A natural and affable presenter - Cate was born to be in the spotlight and on stage. Just hand her a mic and off she goes ! 


Turning 50 this year, Cate is proof that real style is ageless - the epitome of youthful cool her 5k IG followers immediately add to cart when they see her outfits. 

Cate is an action woman -  a natural model - she makes any activewear look good in action  - from surfing, rollerskating  to pialtes, skateboarding and yoga. 

Sarah Merrett

With a toddler and another life as a teaching librarian Sarah is extremely relatable to young women trying to find their vibe amid the chaos. 


Sarah's 13k instagram followers love her  effortlessly chic fashion & style tips and  real talk about wellbeing & lifestyle . 

Sarah has a talent for content curation and the genuine connections made with workshop audiences makes her a brand and retailer favourite. 

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